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Are you excited to Launch Your Brand, but unsure of where to begin? Let The Millennial Mogul Marketing Agency take you from START-UP to SUCCESS!

At MMM, we work with brands, small businesses, freelancers, influencers and anyone looking to harness the potential of Social Media Marketing to expand! We will teach you the secrets to connecting with customers, converting views into actions, and drive impact for long-term business success! Let us create your content, curate your platforms and tell your brand's story! 

A Little More About Us

What We Do

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We help you become easier to find on search engines worldwide!

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Social Media

Scale your social media platforms organically with monthly curated posts, creative storyboards and hand selected content!

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Email Marketing

Stay connected to your customers and clients with email marketing! We will help update them with new sales and events!

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Online Advertising

Run magnetic Ads on Facebook, Youtube & Instagram with our professional pixel system!

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Web Design

Let our Creative Director bring your vision to life with Websites, E-Commerce Sites & Funnel Designs!

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Brand Management

Bring your Brand to life whether you're a new product, influencer or artist and get paid for your influence!


People Say?


@La Tasha

The MMM Agency has helped my brand expand at least 10X over! I learned to monetize my influence by charging a Sponsorship Fee for guests on The LCL Show. I also learned that everything I promote should be paid in full since I have the influence and reach to do so!



Working with MMM has helped me to push myself  in all areas in my life! I have expanded internally as well as digitally! With creating The Mile High Mixer, I meet potential clients weekly and build up content for my online course! I am on my way to being a Mogul day by day!

Do You Need A Consultation?​​​​​​​

Let us create a brand strategy that will help you be a online lead magnet!


Cerina created this Marketing Agency with online Influencers in mind. With having an ever expanding personal brand, Cerina has been able to attract clients organically and create connections despite space and time. Using social media platforms to expand her reach, the impact these tools have made for her business inspired her to spread the abundance!

CEO, Marketing Expert​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Cerina Spence

Our Team​​​​​​​

Meet The Mogul Masterminds Behind The Scenes of Your Branding!

Johan Hansley

Marketing Analyst​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Johan is a highly skilled Marketing Expert that assists with strategies for the MMM Agency. New clients will receive a hand curated plan to expand their visibilty and reach online. Johan has mastered the ability to utilize pixels for powerful marketing campaigns!

Lana is our content creator for your Instagram, Facebook and Youtube platforms. If you dont have pictures or video, we will create the content needed to attract the right attention! Let us curate your online portfolio from scratch!

Content Creation ​​​​​​​

Lana Bent

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